Mutis – Nueva Granada is the first brand of Artistic Perfumery designed and created by Hanssen Diaz, a young Colombian artist to celebrate the sumptuous and supremely rich botanical heritage of his land, known at the time of the Spanish Conquest with the evocative name of Nueva Granada. The name Mutis was chosen in honor of Celestino Mutis, the 18th century botanist who, on behalf of the King of Spain, surveyed and catalogued the vast, and hitherto unknown, botanical heritage of those mysterious and fascinating lands.

The fragrances of the Mutis – Nueva Granada collection ooze the languid and sensual atmosphere of those equatorial territories: that feeling of suspension of time and expansion of space immortalized by Nobel Prize for Literature winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez,

also a son of Colombia. Thanks to the Magic Realism which pervades through his work, Marquez made his home country popular around the whole world.