MOTH AND RABBIT was born in 2016. With roots in Paris but a beating heart in Berlin.
Here we have a real cult brand.

MOTH stands for transformation.

RABBIT stands for reproduction.

With these two concept, the brand transform and reproduce disparate inspirations, contemporary histories, belonging to all of us, into fragrances.

MOTH AND RABBIT is Elke Filpes and SeongNam Choi: they have allready released eleven scents, some of which have been selected by Release Distribution.

Their names are: La Haine, Single Man, Blow Up, Dolls, Mood Indigo, Duke of Burgundy and Parasite.
These fragrances take the name from iconic movies that have inspired their creator, famous nose Mark Buxton. They are all extremely contemporary, like visions for the nostrils. Their strong personality make them unforgettable.
Dark, minimal and elegant packaging is a experience that involves all senses: rustling black silk paper wrapping the boxes roughly caresses the hand. Transparencies in the bottles invite to a major attention, and to discover unexpected details. Users are transported in a world apart made of seconds that have generated a emotion: those of the scene that inspired the nose, graved in negative on the bottle left sides.

Raccomended soundtrack: Hold my hand – Unkle