Release Distribution is a new distributive platform, whose mission is to diffuse and promote selected unique artistic perfumery brands.

We like innovation. We like personality. We like artistic spirit. We look for powerful messages, but for attention in details, too. Some of the brands we deal with are in agency, some in distribution, and some we license too.

But they all share a big idea and smart personalities behind. Their competences, their inspirations and aims shine through the products they create. We like those who dare, those who have a vision, those who believe in themselves and accept challenges.

Because we are like that, too!


Release Distribution is a idea of


Giovanni Castelli




Giovanni Castelli, creative director and driving force at Release Distribution, supported by his agents network, of outstanding motivation and competence, scouts and select hte brands he wants to introduce and position in the Italian Market.
The target of Release Distribution is, before everything, well-being: of final customers, of retailers, of agents and partners, and, of course, of the brands.
Sharing targets, respecting every part’s needs and presenting innovative unique products and experiences: this is our corporate mission. 
Growing together means working together, all parts looking at and moving towards the same target.