Unique clothing pieces / Upcycling concept / Hand painted

⚡️superoby⚡️ is a brand of exclusively hand painted unique pieces, using two categories of garments and accessories: high-quality second-hand items or existing garments available in stock.

⚡️superoby⚡️ is no-season and no-gender, in its offer we can find the ideals of a basic wardrobe: T-shirts, sweat-shirts, hoodies, hand-bags, bomber-jackets…

⚡️superoby⚡️, when it comes to second-hand garments, loves discovering pieces bearing clearly visible advertising slogans, symbols, drawings or logos, perfect to be covered with energetic colorful brush strokes.

In order to diversify the products, second-hand or new, two different tags are dedicated to the two categories.

⚡️superoby⚡️ constantly supplies its offer and regularly proposes exciting, surprising, little series selected by model, color or mood.

⚡️superoby⚡️ is an eco-friendly concept allowing everybody to be a superhero. In a playful way, on certain pieces, the logo is juxtaposed with characters, such as Mickey Mouse, wearing masks, symbols of cartoon super heroes and, as its slogan also says :

“this clothing is customized and hand-painted, it is now superoby