Poetry meeets Bauhaus


Atelier Oblique is a Berlin-based artistic perfumery brand, born in 2016, from Mario Lombardo creativity and Vanessa Obrecht contribution.
Guidelines of the brand are the silent language of perfume and its strength.
Each Atelier Oblique fragrance is created in France, by Robertet, with the best possible ingredients, and it’s hand crafted in Germany.
They are windows on our past, but also present moments dancing with future’s inscrutability.
Their names are: SAINT, CLOSER, BOHEMIAN WOODS, WHITE LIGHTS and MARBLE SEA. Beautiful matching candles complete the range.
A sensation of seamless elegance pervades the brand. It is classical, but you can feel there is more than meet the eye. Each scent paints its world with few perfect touches. How would you say? Less is more!

Raccomended soundtrack: Otterley – Cocteau Twins